Sunday, April 26, 2009

Watching the Draft

I am never quuite sure why but I love to watch the NFL draft.. not gee why don't we catch the highlights on ESPN nope I like to watch then entire two day process.. It makes me believe in magic..

All these excited athletes and families waiting for their chance to have a career in a job they love. I know many go into it for the money but there are those few who play the game because they just absolutely love it.

I think the quote of the day belongs to Eugene Morris... I don't have the direct quote but basically he said I don't care if I was picked in the first round or the 7th round I am going to get to play football and I am here to work... WOW what an amazing young man..

Oh the glory players were all picked and most were sufficiently grateful and humble but there were a few showboaters out there. I always feel sorry for the one who slides from where they were "supposed" to be picked right on down the line.. and of course listening to the broadcasters pontificate always makes me smile..

I of course have a tendency to want the USC players to place well as that is my team... not that I went there or anything just favor that team.. but of course every year there is another team that strikes my fance and I wait to see where there players go...

My kids think I am nuts... well they always think I am nuts but this one is special.. now all I have to go.. back to the draft for me..

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