Monday, September 14, 2009

Serena and Kanye... Unacceptable!!

I must say this latest burst of temper tantrums and spoiled behaviour does not surprise me but I wish it did. Serena in the midst of an intense tennis match, made a mistake, got called on it and pitched a royal fit. I find this particular type of behavior irratating, it shows what a child she truly is. This woman has been allowed to earn her living playing a game.. one she claims to love and somehow she thinks that she is entitled to have a hissy fit because she didnt like the rules.. I don't get professional athletes, I don't excuse them they are paid millions to basically have fun. Why is it that they don't? Why do they persist in making complete fools out of themselves? Or acting like they are put upon because a call was made against them? Don't get me wrong I am an athlete by nature and an extremely competitive person and I ALWAYS play to win! but while I was growing up I was taught one very basic thing.. the official has the last say.. and sometimes they get it wrong. Often though.. they get it right and the athelete still acts like a spoiled child. Serena has always annoyed me because I have never heard her say.. hey she played a Great game.. every single time Serena has lost a match it was not that the other player was better but rather that she, Serena was off her game..

I enjoy watching tennis and have often pointed out to my kids the grace and class of such players as Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal... Venus Williams.. these are all athletes who have a fire within, they want to win but they do not act out, throw fits or behave in a manner that embarrasses their parents.. Honestly Serena I think you could take a few lessons from big sis.'

Now for Kanye... can you just please go away? I question your talent, your attitude totally sucks and for you to go off on one of your rants on a 19 year old child.. give me a break... grow up and get real.. I am not even gonna give you any more of my blog space because you are strictly a waste of my space..

ok... all I will be off again until Wednesday at the earliest but maybe not till next week...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Gift From the Past

An amazing thing happened the other day.. I got a message through my facebook that I needed to give a friend a call. Now since I am the type to die of curiousity I of course had to call. I mean what would you do, You receive a message with a phone number with the words you need to call me... that is it.. Oh don't kid yourselves.. you would call..

Anyway, I gave him a call and had a delightful conversation with a friend from the past. We went to a small High School only 120 in our graduating class so we of course all knew each other. But basically he and I ran in different groups. It was more we knew of each other rather than we knew each other..

So I called on Saturday and had the most amazing conversation with a wonderful man... Thanks Bri... it was honestly a great chat.. I think I spoke more to him on Saturday than I did in the 2 1/2 years I was at Whittier Christian..

The internet can be an amazing tool to bring us together and keep contact with old friends. I am really glad I at least have the brains to take advantage of it..