Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Gift From the Past

An amazing thing happened the other day.. I got a message through my facebook that I needed to give a friend a call. Now since I am the type to die of curiousity I of course had to call. I mean what would you do, You receive a message with a phone number with the words you need to call me... that is it.. Oh don't kid yourselves.. you would call..

Anyway, I gave him a call and had a delightful conversation with a friend from the past. We went to a small High School only 120 in our graduating class so we of course all knew each other. But basically he and I ran in different groups. It was more we knew of each other rather than we knew each other..

So I called on Saturday and had the most amazing conversation with a wonderful man... Thanks Bri... it was honestly a great chat.. I think I spoke more to him on Saturday than I did in the 2 1/2 years I was at Whittier Christian..

The internet can be an amazing tool to bring us together and keep contact with old friends. I am really glad I at least have the brains to take advantage of it..

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