Sunday, April 8, 2012

Funnies from Ellen

My friend Nina, sent me this.. Yes the Nina w/all those fantastic Eagle shots. Needless to say she has sent me such excellent videos in the past I am inclined to always open the ones she sends me...

This one had me totally cracking up

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Truly Interesting Gift

Last week I was asked to write a review for a new author. I hadn't read her work until that review and it was her first book so I had no clue what her writing style was like. The book itself showed potential but had some things that needed to be worked on.

As a reviewer I try really hard to make sure I point out the positives and that my criticisms are constructive and I hate writing a bad review. I am not one of those that take joy in panning an author's work. They work hard trying to give us the gift of a good story, I can take the time to offer them the best I have..

After I posted the review I of course felt really badly. I wished I had been nicer, although Blond Girl said I was way too nice. But still it bothered me. Then I received an email from the author THANKING me.. she said it was a great review because it did more than throw false platitudes at her and would I please review the sequel.. WOW..

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE (It is amazing how often I get to say that) Today I received another email from her, saying that my review really made her rethink her book and she was going back in to re edit it.. pretty cool that I made difference in a young writer's life.. BUT.. then she asked if I would mind if she mentioned me in the acknowledgements.. Seriously, is that cool or what? What a HUGE honor.. I even called my mom to tell her and she was Impressed. Let me make sure you all understand.. in HS I got 7 A's and an A minus and she asked me why that wasn't an A as well... So the fact that she was impressed totally stoked me out!

I know this is bragging but I HAD To share and honestly, I can't go around telling everyone I meet about it.. and for some reason Hallmark doesn't make a card for this occasion..