Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Just Drives Me nuts

I am a little late this year on one of my rants but the other one is an ongoing drive me insane rant...

First off the old one.... The parade held on New Years Day in Pasadena is the Tournament of Roses Parade.. also commonly referred to as the Rose Parade. It is not and never will be the Rose Bowl Parade. Yes I know news casters, sports analysts and even Jay Leno seem to think other wise but people they are WRONG!! The parade came first, was in existance for several years then the sponsors of the parade decided that it would be nice to have an annual football game to go along with the parade. They built the Rose Bowl, the Tournament of Roses committee or organization or whatever you want to call it still owns the Rose Bowl facilty.. Anyway they built it, some members even went so far as to mortgage their houses to help finance it. To call the parade the Rose Bowl Parade is an insult... if anything the game should be called the Rose Parade Bowl... Like that is going to happen a bunch of men acknowledging the power of flowers? And another thing when I turn on the parade I want to watch the parade... This year NBC was horrible.. I saw an awful lot of Al Roker and the chickee babe who hosted the parade with him but hardly any of the parade.. I changed to channel 7. Honestly I miss living in California the most on New Year's day when you can't even see a good showing of the ROSE PARADE!!

And another thing... why is it that the news insists that we are sending 40,000 TROOPS to various spots.. we are sending 40,000 soldiers.. a troop is a group of people, I am assuming that the term Troops would then mean multiple troops. It sincerely irritates me to have to listen over and over again to the "troops" being sent hither and yon, knowing that the yahoo saying it is referring to individual soldiers not the extensive group they are going with. Please someone get a clue!!

OK, all done now

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The New Year

It has been a wild 6 months and I find it hard to believe that I have managed that long without a computer. What crazed insane world have I been living in? I mean how can I contact friends? Find out what I missed on the soaps? Read the paper????

Seriously it has been a time of healing for me because as I tend to do I go obsessed with my online life and forgot about the rest. Now I am working very hard on getting life back in balance.. I have friends, yes I am actually going out with them occasionally... a movie, the bookstore, a get together.. wow.. what a difference from this time a year ago when I sat in a room and waited for life to come to me..

Today when I came to the library I stepped in and said hello to a friend (who happens to run it) she was surprised not just to see me but to see that I had on a nice sweater, jewlery and even a touch of make up.. all just because I wanted to go to the library. Nothing more special than that. It is great that I am finally getting out of the dumpy mom stage of my life. It has been a long, very very long haul but I am getting there.

For right now, until I actually do get a computer writing this blog is going to be sporadic at best, don't worry I will be around to occasionally comment on what ever crosses my mind. I know you all have been devestated without my regular doses of what I call wit..

Have a wonderful January all, remember go outside enjoy life don't get trapped like I did.. eventually the trap is sprung and you have to figure out how many decades you missed