Friday, June 18, 2010

Sometimes Life Just Cracks Me Up

So I was a little bored tonight and was skimming through yahoo.. Sometimes it is fun to see what is trending. I noticed that The Blues Brothers came up. Now the Blues Brothers is a movie that ran pretty much nonstop for years in our household. The ex was a huge music fan and the movie is fun.The kids can all quote from it, almost as much as from The Princess Bride but that is another story.

Since I saw it was trending I went to see what was up.. Did you know that the Vatican has placed it on it's list of movies recommended for catholics? Here is a quote... "
On the 30th anniversary of the film's release, "L'Osservatore Romano," the Vatican's official newspaper, called the film a "Catholic classic" and said it should be recommended viewing for Catholics everywhere." Seriously everyone stop laughing! All because Jake and Elroy were on a mission for God..

This movie has been placed on the list along with such movies as
Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments," "Jesus of Nazareth" from Franco Zeffirelli," Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ," Victor Flemming's "Joan of Arc," and "It's a Wonderful Life" from Frank Capra. Yes a list of classics to be sure but now it also includes The Blues Brothers!!

I suppose it is great to see that sometimes just plain fun and good music do matter but I am still sitting here and giggling!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

So Word Girl and I were off to orientation this week. I must admit it was an arduous journey but we did manage to have some fun...

The adventure started on Wednesday when we realized that I needed an ID as mine had been expired I obvious needed a new one. Fortunately a good friend managed to find the time to fit me into her incredibly busy schedule and drop me off at the DMV then pick me up an hour later. Who knew going to the DMV could be fun? Somehow I managed to get the lady behind the counter with my sense of humour and we managed to laugh through the entire event. Can you believe I had a good time at the DMV?
Ok that is an altogether different story. Of course I had not realized that fees had gone up and Drivers licenses were now $30.00 not a huge biggee but I had this trip planned to the penny and that was eating into my pennies..

Bright and early Thursday morning we were up for our taxi to get to the train station to get downtown. We arrived at our local station early which of course means we were able to get the earlier train.. only problem there we were rushed buying our tickets and instead of buying round trip we bought one way.. oh well we could get them coming back. Upon arrival at Union Station Word Girl started to stress about how we would miss our train or not get seats together or whatever.. so we bought a quick breakfast and went immediately to the Amtrak station needless to say we were way early, they hadn't even started to board the train that left before us. So we waited.. Finally we got on board and of course there were plenty of seats. It was a lovely ride just short of 4 hours and no hassles I really enjoyed this part.

When we got to Macomb we decided to walk to school, I had tried to find out bus info but it was too confusing online (not too much later I would find myself wishing I had done better research). The walk to the school was pleasant and not too far BUT once we reached the campus was an entirely different story. The campus is lovely it is placed upon rolling hills.. not mountains and not huge climbs but hills none the less. I thought I was gonna die.. it was HOT, HUMID and Hilly... of course the fact that I am ridiculously out of shape and overweight didn't help. By the time we were about 1/3 of the way I knew I was in trouble so I decided to mortify my daughter and ask a school employee for help. The lovely woman gave us a ride AND a mini tour of the campus. Then dropped us off at our location. Once checked in I met a family that had found the bus route.. believe me I remembered them later.. lol

The day was long.. lots of informative meetings by the last one though a migraine was setting in.. long day, no sleep, almost collapsing in the heat and not eating for one reason or another and my head was about to explode.. fortunately dinner started and we could take a break.. there were more meetings in the evening but Word Girl sweetly (and yes she was actually sweet) told me to rest and then come downstairs when they had the end of the evening fun.. I did so had a fun time, enjoyed watching my daughter interact, she is so like me.. the girls like her but she just automatically seems to connect with the males of the species.. not romantically but in friendship..

Then next morning, breakfast then more sessions.. Finally ending around 4. We waited for our bus at 5:30 which took us to the train and met our train at 6:18.. Of course during the wait more drama ensued.. ooops Word Girl hadnt realized that some of the money I had put on her card was for the trip so she had spent it. We had enough left for the metra ride home from Union Station IF they accepted debit cards.. of course by the time we found out it would be too late a phone call home got the ball rolling and a friend dropped 30 in her account (not that we knew this part as we were on the train with out good cell service).

When we reached Union Station we heard an announcement saying the train that was supposed to leave BEFORE we got in was leaving in 5 minutes we ran.. First towards the ticket station. Now since we weren't sure what they would accept and or if the money was in her account I stopped a man explained the situation and he gave us 10.00. So either way we were fine. Of course they took Visa and all of Word Girls worries were nothing but drama for the event.. but hey such is life. We made the train which involved me running Word Girl says I didn't run I waddled but hey my feet and knees thought I was running.

Our taxi was waiting at the train station another woman needed a ride to a place more or less on the way. She asked if we would share.. hello, nice lady at Western, Friend who deposits in account and Nice Stranger who gives us 10.00? OF COURSE we would share.. Got home and crashed.. It was a long two days.

ALL I can say about this trip really is..

1.Western does a nice job with their orientations sometimes they repeat themselves in different sessions but I would rather hear it twice than not at all.

2. Make sure you find out all transportation issues before embarking..

3. and this should be 1. Praise God for taking care of me.. I can be an airhead at times but God ALWAYS manages to make sure I am cared for..

4. Be sure and pay it forward.. there are many people out there who need a simple and often easily accomplished helping hand.