Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day and Thank You

It's Veterans Day here in the States and I like to make sure I thank all of those who have served and fought for my freedom. ALL. OF. THEM!!

But I also like to honor and thank those of my family and friends who have given me my freedom at the risk of their lives...

John Jensen
Bill Steenburgen
Guy Lile
Kingdom LaBau
Harvey Lemming
Louis Branch
Joseph Busch
John Lill
Gerald Costin
Don Evans III
I know there are many more.. This year the names escape me.. But these are some of the nearest and dearest to my heart. Some were heroes, some were working soldiers, some were cooks, some were officers, some were not... some fought in wars, some served in peace time, Some have passed on and some still live but ALL of them gave of their time and lives.. so I thank them! From World War II to current day!! I am blessed!