Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thanks to my Top Droppers

I wanted to take the time and really thank my top droppers this month. Especially since I have been woefully behind in my dropping.. shoot in my blogging, so much has been going on in my life that I just get overwhelmed but so many of you continue so I do thank each and every one of you.

Dropper # of drops
BMWF1Blog 31
DJ Tammy Squels 31
Scandinavian Ways - Winesworlds blog 31
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Proud Mommy 27
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Lola's Diner 27
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Avoid Money Scams 26
Dungeon Siege Cheats 26

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Every Now and Then

Every now and then life collides, this is a picture of my grandfather.. I did a google search and found him on the web. He was a big wig in the world of motorcycle racing and pretty much lived life his way. He defied his family to do what he wanted. He wasn't always perfect shoot he was rarely perfect but he did enjoy his life.. Just thought I would go ahead and post this.. since it was already internet material

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back To Normal

Life is slowly settling back to a normal pace, you know that of screaming, fighting and last minute shoe finding.. But seriously life has calmed down and I find I am back in the routine after my very much needed vacation. Sometimes it seems like those four days never happened and others.. well others I am so very grateful they did. I needed to find the peace and center that I found on my trip but I needed to be able to bring it home.

Now that real life has inserted it's lovely head we will see how much of the joy and complete relaxation stuck.. So far it is certainly helping.. we will see.. of course the idea is when it gets bad again, take another trip.. and how can I do that you may ask?? well one of the perks of my trip was the old give up your seat on the airplane trick... yep I received a voucher for 474.60 from Southwest airlines to be used in any way I choose with in the next 12 months.. How cool is that?

So I got time with friends, time away from the stress and grind of daily life AND I got a get out of jail free card to be used at a future time. I tell ya, LIFE IS GOOD..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bed and Breakfast

This is a picture of the lovely bed and breakfast we stayed at in Monterey.. well it was actually in Pacific Grove but it was just a darling place. I had the privilege of sleeping in the turret room at the top. Oh my it was a dolls room, absolutely adorable.

In case any of you are ever in the area or are looking for such a wonderful experience it is the

Pacific Grove Inn - Pacific Grove, CA
581 Pine Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Reservations: 1-800-732-2825 Fax: 831-375-075
Email: info@pacificgrove-inn.com

I know it seems a bit like pushing a product but this place was just so very wonderful. The service was individual, those celebrating birthdays actually received cupcakes in their rooms.. The rest of us just drooled..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

There is just something about these jellyfish that called out to me..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The First of the Pictures

I never before thought that jellyfish could be so gorgeous but I could have stood for hours at this exhibit. I was using an unfamiliar camera and still managed to get this wonderful shot

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Can't Believe it is Almost Over

I am sitting here looking at the clock and I realize I have to return to the real world in less than 12 hours. I am thinking I may just not go.. yep gonna hang out here and just have me some more fun!!

Have you ever in your life met people that just get you? That are such an important part of you that you can sit and laugh for hours at nothing? Honestly we laughed at everything.. and the laughing continues.

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn because I in all my insanity mentioned to my one friend that hey they have a 7am whale watching trip on Saturdays... guess when we went? Now do not get me wrong it was way cool, we saw a pair of humpbacks.. we had the opportunity to follow them for almost 2hours (and yes I got pictures they will be posted when I get home). The best part was, as fun as this was.. as cool as it is.. you know what made us laugh? We got seasick... hello?? loosing your breakfast over the side of a boat is not what I would call a funny story but we laughed.. oh how we laughed..

Tonight we played monopoly.. is it me or did the game just become more fun? Monopoly with good friends becomes a total and complete insane adventure.. an endless amount of hilarity ensued..

This trip was not so much as what we saw but rather who we saw it with. I honestly believe we could have sat and watched snow melt and have had just as much fun... I had forgotten what it was like to just simply laugh because you are with friends..

A suggestion... if you can escape real life for a few and spend time with those you truly like... not the ones you love, parents, kids, siblings (unless they are the ones you adore) but the ones who bring you great joy. Give yourself those precious moments.. as often as you can because folks life is hard enough as it is..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping it a Secret!!

Just between you me and the fencepost I am off on an adventure and having the grandest time. To honestly appreciate this you have to realize what a completely devoted parent I am (ok poor but devoted sounds better). In the almost 21 years that I have been a parent I have left my children a total of (including this trip) 18 days. Now we can all do the math but since I have a calculator handy I will do it, but that is a total of .8571 days of vacation per year. AHHH Motherhood, the carreer choice for the terminally insane. AND on every other trip away from my kids it was about going home.. So while it was pleasant it was still fraught with it;s own share of stress.

This trip is about me me me me me.. Actually it was a gift! I can not afford such a thing, can not even envision taking a trip to anywere (sheesh the mall would look exciting to me these days) so to have this dropped in my lap was an amazing event. I will not go into detail as to the hows and whyfores we can just say something about frequent flyer miles and gift cards that were expiring... however it worked out I am sitting in a bed and breakfast in Monterey waiting to begin my day..

Friends are on their way down to meet us and we are going to explore our surrondings. Tonight there will be pictures! I am having a bit of guilt (not in leaving the children) as I am so close to home and not gonna call. That was appeased a little when I found out that my loving maternal parent was off galivanting on her own..

Anyway see you all soon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

May be Absent for a Few

Hello loyal readers!! I just love saying that.. anyway I may be absent for a few days as I am off galvanting with a friend.. I know there will be internet access but who knows if I am going to even remotely have the time to write..

But, I hope so because I am sure there will be plenty of fun and exciting things to talk about.

Today, my girlfriend flew in from Philly and we spent the day downtown Chicago. I swear that city is one of the coolest cities there is.. it is alive and fascinating and fun and it has the greatest skyline. We just chatted and shopped and ate but it was a blast.

She managed to call home using the worlds largest cell phone.. too funny..anywa I am doing laundry so can't chat for long.. just wanted to make a post then finish my laundry and packing then crash out.. 9 am flight tomorrow..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day

Now please understand I live in the Chicago suburbs, Chicago is one of the three cities in the US (Boston and New York being the other two) that treats today as a national holiday. We die our river green for pete's sake!!

Then there is the fact that my name is Shaughnessey.. I am morally obligated to celebrate the day..

And of course the fact that I have Irish eyes.. now my mother says I am not Irish.. Fortunately there are two sides of the family tree!

Be safe all!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday - #4

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I personally found it at On the Verge a blog that has a wicked take on raising multiple children. Something I obviously have in common with both authors of the above mentioned blogs.

What am I not going to do this week?

1. I am not going to feel bad because I missed last week.
2. I am not going to go bonkers trying to get everything ready for my trip.
3. I am not going to rush to the school so I can pay for the girls trip to Florida
4. I am not going to stress out with my editing job that I got (since my grammar sucks)
5. I am not going to argue with my daughter over well, take your pick....
6. I am not going to worry about finances..

I just love this game... have a great day all

Friday, March 13, 2009

Taxing Marajauna

The elected officials in CA have finally brought up an interesting suggestion, why not tax pot? It is the largest crop in the state and more than doubles the amount made by the next largest product.

Oh I know all of the ethical arguments against taxing it, it is condoning the use of an altering substance, you know like alcohol or cigarettes... whatever. It sends a message to the youth that it is ok to smoke pot. Hello?? our youth are already doing it. Do you realize the product it more than doubles is the dairy industry? So right now they make more money illegally off of pot than they make legally off of milk.

We have allowed pot to be an almost accepted part of our lives, we all know someone who has smoked pot, shoot most of us have, our president has... The illegality of it is just a joke a way for those who earn a living off it to make a bundle and the rest of us pay for it. Why not make them pay their taxes, regulate it. I bet the best way to put it out of business is to let the government run it, forget taxing it. We would one day turn around and realize the industry was gone to well pot...

Now I know their are those who will argue the moral choice, that it is blood money or whatnot but as long as we allow cigarettes and alcohol both of which I feel are way more dangerous, they need to re think their "moral" beliefs.But I say to the elected officials of CA, go for it!! Set a trend, sure the middle of the country will piss and moan but they will
eventually follow the money is just too darned good.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What dreams they lay
beyond tomorrow
beyond the fears
beyond the sorrow

what hopes that lie
just past the divide
a chance to live
a chance to hide

what promise remains
in a single tear
a moment in a day
a second in a year

dare one defy
the plans of the fates
to shake your fist
at heavens gate

is there more than
the great what if
is there a chance
beyond the gift

Monday, March 9, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3`

just testing as I show my blogs have disappeared. Not my page just my blog.. so I wanted to see if this one brings it back

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Marie Antoinette Award

This very courageous Marie Antoinette award was given to me by Lola over at Lola's Diner. Thank you so much for having thought of me my dear friend. :D
Queen Marie Antoinette, is the epitome of real, fun, fearless woman who is never afraid of getting what she wants. She became Queen of France and Navarre.
I'm gonna share this to the following ladies whom I admire in this blogosphere.

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Thank you one and all for making my life just a little bit better...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday 13 # 2 - 13 Places I Want to Go

So it is Thursday and I decided to join the Thursday 13 crew, for more information on this one go check out this blog and maybe come along for the fun..

13 Places I want to go....

1. Barcelona, Spain

2. The Great Wall of China

3. The Appalachian Trail

4. Giza

5. Moscow, Russia

6. Australia

7. Machu Pichu

8. The Panama Canal

9. Istanbul, Turkey

10, Athens Greece

11. Venice, Italy

12. The Galapagos

13. Everywhere Else.... I know a cope out but I want to see everything, everywhere, although I know I wont get there the dream is waiting

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Problem With Change

I know I have often questioned the expectations we have placed on President Obama, lately though I have been watching and I really must wonder.. not are we expecting too much but rather... What if it works?

As someone who has spent the past 12 years a victim of the governments desire to help.. I have to worry. What if all of these programs do go through?

Let's see, we are telling those who work hard to make something of themselves to stop.. don't work too hard because we are going to take that money away and give it to those who don't work as hard... Oh this is not a yay for the rich, boo for the poor blog. This is me acknowledging that we have a generation of individuals who feel entitled... the phrase "some animals are more equal than others" starts dancing through my head

Next we are promising people the hope of better health care and a way to escape the clutches of the insurance companies... so the government is gonna step in, hello?? any of you deal with the IRS lately? and of course let's consider my ongoing drama with the Illinois Child Support System.. hmmm late checks, apathetic employees.. why? because they don't care their jobs are secure..

I know we are in a quagmire but I have to wonder if this is the way out?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I personally found it at On the Verge a blog that has a wicked take on raising multiple children. Something I obviously have in common with both authors of the above mentioned blogs.

So today what am I not going to do?

1. I am not going to be excited that it is the last day before the kids finally go back to school

2. I am not going to wait in anticipation for the new Anne Bishop book

3. I am not going to go grocery shopping

4. I am not going to do laundry, I am not, not, not

5. I am not going to worry about my weight

yes I know today's not me is a bit short but I am not quite awake yet..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wear Orange Today

March 1st is National Self Injury Awareness Day.

For those of you not aware of the disease let me tell you it is a sleeping giant. We may hear rumbles about it or think it is just outside the norm but it isn't it creeps into all levels of our society. It has claimed an entire generation of children enough so that ask any teenager they know someone who cuts. Someone who is so lost, afraid that she (and yes sadly it is normally a she) feels the need to cut herself. To mutilate that wonderful person, to destroy what she sees. There is no confidence no sense of self worth there is only sorrow and deep dispair.

I have a dear friend who is recovering from this affliction, an affliction much like alcoholism that one never completely recovers from. She is 27 and has been recovering for many years but still there are times when life is difficult when she is struggling that she will tell me that she almost cut herself the night before. It breaks my heart to hear this but then I find this amazing sense of pride in her that she didn't. Each day is a struggle for her and yet she is growing thriving a beautiful woman whom I am proud to my friend.

Please I ask each of you to be aware of the children around you make sure they know they are valued, loved, treasured. Know that they need us to let them know constantly that they have value. They are our hope....