Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back To Normal

Life is slowly settling back to a normal pace, you know that of screaming, fighting and last minute shoe finding.. But seriously life has calmed down and I find I am back in the routine after my very much needed vacation. Sometimes it seems like those four days never happened and others.. well others I am so very grateful they did. I needed to find the peace and center that I found on my trip but I needed to be able to bring it home.

Now that real life has inserted it's lovely head we will see how much of the joy and complete relaxation stuck.. So far it is certainly helping.. we will see.. of course the idea is when it gets bad again, take another trip.. and how can I do that you may ask?? well one of the perks of my trip was the old give up your seat on the airplane trick... yep I received a voucher for 474.60 from Southwest airlines to be used in any way I choose with in the next 12 months.. How cool is that?

So I got time with friends, time away from the stress and grind of daily life AND I got a get out of jail free card to be used at a future time. I tell ya, LIFE IS GOOD..

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back!

    I too had the opportunity to trade my seat for a free ticket. My next flight only took 10 minutes so I really bonused out.

    It is nice when life just cruises along and everyone is happy doing their thing isn't it?
    Those are the times when we quickly gather our thoughts and enjoy!!!