Friday, March 20, 2009

Keeping it a Secret!!

Just between you me and the fencepost I am off on an adventure and having the grandest time. To honestly appreciate this you have to realize what a completely devoted parent I am (ok poor but devoted sounds better). In the almost 21 years that I have been a parent I have left my children a total of (including this trip) 18 days. Now we can all do the math but since I have a calculator handy I will do it, but that is a total of .8571 days of vacation per year. AHHH Motherhood, the carreer choice for the terminally insane. AND on every other trip away from my kids it was about going home.. So while it was pleasant it was still fraught with it;s own share of stress.

This trip is about me me me me me.. Actually it was a gift! I can not afford such a thing, can not even envision taking a trip to anywere (sheesh the mall would look exciting to me these days) so to have this dropped in my lap was an amazing event. I will not go into detail as to the hows and whyfores we can just say something about frequent flyer miles and gift cards that were expiring... however it worked out I am sitting in a bed and breakfast in Monterey waiting to begin my day..

Friends are on their way down to meet us and we are going to explore our surrondings. Tonight there will be pictures! I am having a bit of guilt (not in leaving the children) as I am so close to home and not gonna call. That was appeased a little when I found out that my loving maternal parent was off galivanting on her own..

Anyway see you all soon

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  1. Look forward to hearing all about it later this week! Have a blast honey!