Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Can't Believe it is Almost Over

I am sitting here looking at the clock and I realize I have to return to the real world in less than 12 hours. I am thinking I may just not go.. yep gonna hang out here and just have me some more fun!!

Have you ever in your life met people that just get you? That are such an important part of you that you can sit and laugh for hours at nothing? Honestly we laughed at everything.. and the laughing continues.

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn because I in all my insanity mentioned to my one friend that hey they have a 7am whale watching trip on Saturdays... guess when we went? Now do not get me wrong it was way cool, we saw a pair of humpbacks.. we had the opportunity to follow them for almost 2hours (and yes I got pictures they will be posted when I get home). The best part was, as fun as this was.. as cool as it is.. you know what made us laugh? We got seasick... hello?? loosing your breakfast over the side of a boat is not what I would call a funny story but we laughed.. oh how we laughed..

Tonight we played monopoly.. is it me or did the game just become more fun? Monopoly with good friends becomes a total and complete insane adventure.. an endless amount of hilarity ensued..

This trip was not so much as what we saw but rather who we saw it with. I honestly believe we could have sat and watched snow melt and have had just as much fun... I had forgotten what it was like to just simply laugh because you are with friends..

A suggestion... if you can escape real life for a few and spend time with those you truly like... not the ones you love, parents, kids, siblings (unless they are the ones you adore) but the ones who bring you great joy. Give yourself those precious moments.. as often as you can because folks life is hard enough as it is..

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