Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wear Orange Today

March 1st is National Self Injury Awareness Day.

For those of you not aware of the disease let me tell you it is a sleeping giant. We may hear rumbles about it or think it is just outside the norm but it isn't it creeps into all levels of our society. It has claimed an entire generation of children enough so that ask any teenager they know someone who cuts. Someone who is so lost, afraid that she (and yes sadly it is normally a she) feels the need to cut herself. To mutilate that wonderful person, to destroy what she sees. There is no confidence no sense of self worth there is only sorrow and deep dispair.

I have a dear friend who is recovering from this affliction, an affliction much like alcoholism that one never completely recovers from. She is 27 and has been recovering for many years but still there are times when life is difficult when she is struggling that she will tell me that she almost cut herself the night before. It breaks my heart to hear this but then I find this amazing sense of pride in her that she didn't. Each day is a struggle for her and yet she is growing thriving a beautiful woman whom I am proud to my friend.

Please I ask each of you to be aware of the children around you make sure they know they are valued, loved, treasured. Know that they need us to let them know constantly that they have value. They are our hope....

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