Friday, March 13, 2009

Taxing Marajauna

The elected officials in CA have finally brought up an interesting suggestion, why not tax pot? It is the largest crop in the state and more than doubles the amount made by the next largest product.

Oh I know all of the ethical arguments against taxing it, it is condoning the use of an altering substance, you know like alcohol or cigarettes... whatever. It sends a message to the youth that it is ok to smoke pot. Hello?? our youth are already doing it. Do you realize the product it more than doubles is the dairy industry? So right now they make more money illegally off of pot than they make legally off of milk.

We have allowed pot to be an almost accepted part of our lives, we all know someone who has smoked pot, shoot most of us have, our president has... The illegality of it is just a joke a way for those who earn a living off it to make a bundle and the rest of us pay for it. Why not make them pay their taxes, regulate it. I bet the best way to put it out of business is to let the government run it, forget taxing it. We would one day turn around and realize the industry was gone to well pot...

Now I know their are those who will argue the moral choice, that it is blood money or whatnot but as long as we allow cigarettes and alcohol both of which I feel are way more dangerous, they need to re think their "moral" beliefs.But I say to the elected officials of CA, go for it!! Set a trend, sure the middle of the country will piss and moan but they will
eventually follow the money is just too darned good.


  1. Legalize it, tax it, and let's move on. Agreed 100%.

  2. Or at least legalize its medical uses.

  3. I totally agree . . . legalize it, tax it . . . corporations need to save money on drug testing too

  4. The fact that pot is illegal and liquor is not is asinine! We should legalize it, tax it, and get over it already!