Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Problem With Change

I know I have often questioned the expectations we have placed on President Obama, lately though I have been watching and I really must wonder.. not are we expecting too much but rather... What if it works?

As someone who has spent the past 12 years a victim of the governments desire to help.. I have to worry. What if all of these programs do go through?

Let's see, we are telling those who work hard to make something of themselves to stop.. don't work too hard because we are going to take that money away and give it to those who don't work as hard... Oh this is not a yay for the rich, boo for the poor blog. This is me acknowledging that we have a generation of individuals who feel entitled... the phrase "some animals are more equal than others" starts dancing through my head

Next we are promising people the hope of better health care and a way to escape the clutches of the insurance companies... so the government is gonna step in, hello?? any of you deal with the IRS lately? and of course let's consider my ongoing drama with the Illinois Child Support System.. hmmm late checks, apathetic employees.. why? because they don't care their jobs are secure..

I know we are in a quagmire but I have to wonder if this is the way out?


  1. Some true food for thought, today. As you point out, we are developing a huge group who feel entitled.
    I worry for the future generations.

  2. Socialism is not the way out. Watch Glenn Beck sometime. He talks to people about getting back to our core values and standing together.

    Mean what you say and say what you mean.

    Vote all the fools out of Congress who are cheating the American people and on the take from all the big lobbyist and wealthy CEO's who keep giving them donations.