Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bed and Breakfast

This is a picture of the lovely bed and breakfast we stayed at in Monterey.. well it was actually in Pacific Grove but it was just a darling place. I had the privilege of sleeping in the turret room at the top. Oh my it was a dolls room, absolutely adorable.

In case any of you are ever in the area or are looking for such a wonderful experience it is the

Pacific Grove Inn - Pacific Grove, CA
581 Pine Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Reservations: 1-800-732-2825 Fax: 831-375-075

I know it seems a bit like pushing a product but this place was just so very wonderful. The service was individual, those celebrating birthdays actually received cupcakes in their rooms.. The rest of us just drooled..


  1. Sounds really lovely...I'm so glad you had a good time!!:-)

  2. We lived in Pacific Grove. Planning a Trip back there this summer. Hope you enjoyed your stay. B&B are one of my favorite places to stay:->