Thursday, September 11, 2014

Two Songs of 9/11

Once again we choose to take the time to remember what happened on this day thirteen years ago.

It was a day of infamy (to borrow an old phrase), a day of awakening. It was a day when we as Americans discovered that the wars of the world were coming to our front door.

It was a day of tragedy that eventually led us to a triumph of American spirit. It was a day where we stood side by side as Americans bound together and stood tall. We did not blink.

It was also a day that led to the creating of two songs that shared with the essence of the American Spirit. Something that needs to be remembered by friend and foe alike.

SONG ONE: Toby Keith's - Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue 

Toby's song declared our wrath, our pain, our angry and our embarrassment. It showed that yes we were down but we weren't out. That we may grumble and complain, that we may bicker and squabble but when push comes to shove we are one people. We stand tall and together. We will not be pushed around. 

Just try it and see what happens.

SONG TWO: Alan Jackson's - Where We're You ( When the World Stopped Turning) 

Alan's song could be considered the weaker of the two,  it isn't. It's a song of remembrance and a shared grief. It's a song that speaks to the heart. But to me, it's a song that reminds us of who we are. Sure we are a loud, loud boisterous, sometimes arrogant people but we are also a country of compassion and yes, love. We take our hurts to the heart but we don't let them break us. Instead we use them to bring us to triumph. In the end not with revenge but with compassion. We open our arms and our hearts to all, even those who have hurt us. This does not show our weakness as others may think. No, it shows our strength.

So why do these two seemingly contradictory songs remain in our hearts and minds? Because they show who we are, both sides of us. And they should remind others that while we want peace. Why we believe that everyone should have a right to exist. We are not weak. We will not be pushed. And if you think you can take us down? Bring it! We will not blink.