Saturday, February 28, 2009

What is a Hero?

We hear about heros on the news all of the time. We hear about sports heros and movie star heros.. they call them role models and expect them to be above reproach. Well not exactly see if you an NFL player you can't kill a dog but you can commit vehicular manslaughter. NBA, well it is ok to choke the coach, but don't get caught not wearing a suit. Baseball, go ahead and strike but make sure when you do you take your ex-wife back to court so you don't have to pay child support. a figure skater.. well no baseball bats. and if you are a swimmer stay away from bongs.

Now we had what could be called a bonified hero in Senator McCain but there are those who think really he was a survivor not a hero and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

The thing is we look to the wrong place for our heros, our role models.. Oprah is great but face it she has flaws just like anyone else. Look around you, do you see that father working two jobs so his wife can stay home and be with the kids... that is a hero. See the people who go to the P.A.D.S. (a homeless shelter program here in Illinois) churches week after week, year after year simple because it is the right thing to do, THAT is a role model. The young mom who runs accross the street to visit with an elderly neighbor that is a role model. And yes, the Fireman who risks his life day in and day out. The policeman who puts his life on the line for good.. that is a hero.

In today's society we dance gleefully in the streets when the good stumble, priests (DO NOT GET ME WRONG HERE) there are a handful of vile horrid priests out there and hundreds of thousands commited to serving their God.. which do we hear about? and don't worry I have an entire blog in mind for the horrid vile ones..

We hear about the policemen who are corrupt but forget the ones who go to work every day and do their jobs..

My point is we let the entertainment industry tell us who our heros are. We are so caught up in the glamour we refuse to see the corruptness beneath. As a parent, as a member of a community, as a member of society at large we need to teach our children what a real hero is. We need to say thank you to those who make a difference.. sports? they are fine but remember what they are, dunking a basketball, getting a homerun or making a touchdown does not a hero make.

just a though

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