Thursday, February 5, 2009

Surviving The Crisis

Dealing with the fact that the State of Illinois Child Support System sucks is in and of itself a pain in the ass.. but because of my living situation I require them to be timely. Shoot, I need them to be on time, every time but this total and complete lateness.. this ability to just ignore the reality of the lives they are playing with is scary.

I am not sure where I stand or if I will get through this one but I am working on it. I am dealing with the bureaucracy and have been amazed by the generosity of friends.. if only to offer a shoulder to cry on.

I do know that 12 years or 11+ are too many for me to be continually on this rollercoaster. Even when I am working and have the ability to make ends meet without the support life is tough and the support helps. Face it, they are taking it from their father and NOT giving it to me.. so for the duration we are both out of the cash. They insist that this is the best way, the only way to protect me from a dead beat dad.. but honestly who is protecting me from the dead beat system?

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