Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Michael Phelps

This story has been all over the headlines lately and all we hear about is how this may ruin his future earnings, how his image is tarnished how we expect so much of him. Give me a break, this young man has led a pretty darned exemplary life. He has spent a lifetime in training and choosing to do so, so when he was in his off time he made the same mistakes and poor choices that many many many individuals his age make. We forgive them why do we harp on Michael?

NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball players often are the epitome of slime, we have NBA fathers randomly impregnating women and not being accountable, we have NFL players who are convicted of vehicular manslaughter, think nothing of carrying guns and enciting violence an I won't even go into my opinion of baseball.. but each of these are looked at with a shrugg and an oh well. Note I did not mention the ridiculous violence and obvious steriod use? Even those we would still be shrugging off if the news had not decided that it was important. Must have been a slow news day. But the attack on Michael is just wrong..

When one lives in such a completely structured environment as a child it is very easy to follow the rules. To such an individual peer pressure is against the use of drugs, alcohol or any such thing (unless of course there are those who choose to performance enhance). They do not have to really make life decisions they are made for them. So when the time comes and they are faced with these choices, they are making them for the first time at a much later date.. me I said no to pot at the age of 11.. alcohol and cigarettes a few short years later. By the age of 14 I was on my path as a drug and alcohol fee individual. I think though it is harder to make these life choices as an adult than it is to make them as children.

As for the use of drugs going against his professional career and being pulled from the drug testing program. Well it didn't happen when he was competing or even training but during his off times. And face it he was smoking pot!! Not known for it's performance enhancing abilities.. Is it acceptable, probably not but it isn't the end of the world. This young man has done amazing things with his life so far and we just need to cut him some slack.. He too is gonna stumble at times.

And honestly, you all have seen his mother.. do you not think she is there ready to whack him upside the head? He is going to be just fine

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