Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LIfe's Been A Bit Interesting

So my life has been rather interesting of late and then one could almost say it is just the norm.. my life is always interesting (yeah, if interesting means chaotic, crazed and out of control). But this week it has been good interesting.

My friend, my best of friends who was in the hospital with a heart attack FINALLY came home. Yes, after four long weeks he is home and recovering. It is difficult to imagine the anguish his attack has been on his loved ones but last night I heard his girl laugh. Really and truly laugh. These days we somehow think of heart attacks as almost blase.. that you go in get fixed and poof.. but no, they can take a long time to heal. The good news is, he will.

Another friend, the amazing Vonnie, has decided to follow me into the land of blogging. I have warned her, she is insane and will quickly succumb to blog withdrawals when not blogging but she valiantly ventured forth. As we all do she is going to be stumbling and fumbling to make her way into this wild world we cal blogging but please all, go on and give her a visit.. Now of course being a friend of mine overachieving being in the blood. She has not one, not two but THREE blogs.. but here they are.. Welcome Walmart Shoppers , The Fashionable Wench , My Crazy Life
As I said she is insane but she has a great heart and could use the friends..

And finally rumor has it I am actually going to be receiving a check tomorrow.. So that would be last weeks,child support check if i happen to get this weeks as well I am so going glasses shopping. I completely broke mine and desperately need a new pair..

Oh well, have a fabulous day all

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