Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And Still They Lag

So, it has been a week since the fiasco of no checks for me.. I finally got really angry and wrote my blog and sent it on to the powers that be. Miraculously enough the missing checks appeared. BUT... again they are late.. you know right now that is my main source of income and I am living in what could only be construed as horrid conditions, that money pays my week to week living.. So when they are late I run the risk of being homeless.. Of course they don't care. To them it is just a way to get their own paychecks. They have absolutely no concern for the individuals behind the checks.

As in so many government locations it is about herding people along, it is not about customer service or satisfaction. Their jobs are secure, their pay checks are coming so why should they bother with the time and concerns of others. The fact that I am wasting my time just writing this blog shows how little they care. I wanted to write about other things, but instead I need to document once again the ineptness of the Illinois Child Support System.

I offered them my expertise, hey I am out of work, I could use the job and I am very good at Customer Service, Order Entry and Training.. One would think they would jump at the chance to have me. It would give me a job, help with their obviously lacking program and probably shut me up.. and maybe hundreds of other voices would be silenced as well.

Let's see how long it takes for them to get me my check after I send them a copy of this blog.. last time the checks "miraculously" showed up within 48 hours of getting the letter (more like 24 business hours but I did send it late in the evening on Wed.. and the checks appeared at their location on Friday. So this time I am sending it early, maybe the check will appear as soon as today.

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