Friday, February 20, 2009

A Generation of Errors

The other day my youngest and I were discussing the new president. She asked me if she thought he could fix things. A question indeed from someone who will have to endure the legacy of the mess we made of things.

My response to her was a bit more surprising than she thought, I am a conservative basically a Republican but I do vote for who I believe in rather than any specific party. What I have seen over the past almost 30 years of voting is not the Democrats being wrong, is not the Republicans of being wrong it was a generation of being wrong. Most of those leaders came from what we lovingly refer to as the baby boomers. A group that was parented by the "greatest" generation, they believed in saving for a rainy day, hard work and perseverance. The baby boomers believed in destroying the system and rebuilding it so they benefited now.

Yes, they did some good things, face it we wouldn't have a President Obama had they not stud up. And as a female athlete I certainly appreciate title IX shoot as a female at all I appreciate Roe vs. Wade whether I agree with abortion or not. BUT, they destroyed an awful lot. They made a group of women think they HAD to work, had to be supermom do it all, helping to destroy the American family. They instituted the greed is good theory, they destroyed the banking system and raised a group of children who believed they were entitled to it now. God forbid the hard work concept. Oh yeah and God forbid, well we aren't allowed to say God, unless we aren't Christian then your faith is acceptable (again, I believe in religious tolerance but that means tolerance for all). The generation who discovered global warming decried the very evilness of it then insisted on excessively large cars and "more". They found the problems and it seems exploited them instead of correcting them. Exposed them yes, so credit must be given but also they didn't fix them, one has to wonder if they even accepted the problems as real.

As my grandma used to say the pendulum swings, face it she was a teenager and young adult during the 20's she understood excess and wild living but she was also a young parent during the depression, she understood the need to work hard and barely survive day to day. That was the generation who birthed the "greatest generation". What have the baby boomers brought? 50 years of destruction. It is not a political thing it is a generational thing.

So when Obama was elected I was pleased, not because I thought He was better for the job or even agreed with him (I actually admire the job McCain has done as a Senator) but because it was time for the next generation to step up and take over. The generation between the baby boomers and the generation of entitlement. The one lost in the land of no label. Some would say we are one without direction but no, rather we are one who took our time coming into our own. One that needed to make our way free of the baby boomers. Can Obama fix things, probably not at least not entirely but slowly the pendulum is swinging and change is happening.

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  1. Hey girl....I agree with you .
    I truly would not want any president's job at this point of our pendulum.
    I use the exact same concept as your grandmother...let us hope that this is a time when we can recover the damages and losses we have suffered.
    If the pendulum is stuck...then we are in for a long down time.
    So we take care of our own little corner and that is about all we can do.

    Have a very good day!