Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

I admit it, I am a total and complete sports nut.. and yes I will be watching the Super Bowl tonight... But I wanted to point out that although we as Americans think that football rules the world.. Today DownUnder two of the greatest tennis players ever and surely the top two in the world right now, will be battling for supremacy. It is sure to be a fantastic match and I will be watching what I can manage to stay awake for.. And since I know you are all wondering:
Serena Williams won the Womans Australian Open,
Venus and Serena Williams won the Ladies Doubles and
Bob and Mike Bryan won the Mens.. all of whom are Americans.
Who says tennis is dead in America? But I think, next we need a Venus and Mike doubles team and a Serena and Bob mixed doubles team.. then they could dominate even more.. and hey it could be fun (oh and they could switch off I mean Venus and Mike may not even like each other...).

Now onto the Football.. Whoo Hoo go Cardinals.. Oh come tell me you aren't secretly routing for this poor beleaguered team.. I don't care who the President is rooting for..

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