Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sometimes One can be Grateful

I have to admit I have the most, opinionated, controlling, know it all family (which would be fine if they would all just acknowledge that my opinions, control issues and know it allness was always right). and as much as they tend to drive me bonkers. I did move 2500 miles to get away from them when I was in my early 20's (I would kill to be there in the bosom of my insane family now) but I have to be grateful for those very characteristics that drive me nuts...

Had I chosen to have a litter of 8 children after already having 6 (of which at least one has a disability - autism) My family would step in and have me committed.. They would not support me, they would not allow me to feed my obsessive desire to have children by letting me live with them. Nope, they might maybe shake their heads and walk away but they would by no means show any sign of physical support until I got my head on straight!!.

Sorry to harp on this subject but now the grandma is speaking out, saying she has long worried about her daughter's obsessive need to have children.. As a parent, I have to say that child would be on her own.. do yourself chickee.. then see how many children you choose to have.. I know it seems harsh and that is not my intention but someone somewhere should have seen that there was a crazy woman out there..

I hope I am wrong and that she becomes the best of mothers, that she can show them the love and attention that they will need (hey angelina jolie seems to be able to pull it off) but I know how hard it is..

I promise this is my last blog on this subject...

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