Friday, January 30, 2009

What was She Thinking?

Octuplets' mother has 6 other children

I don't like to judge and it isn't really any of my business but want to explain why a woman, a single woman, would receive fertility treatment when she already has 6 children? Honestly she carried and delivered a litter. That in and of itself is stressful and trying but now she has to raise 14 children and the oldest is 7!!

As a single mother of 4 children very closely spaced.. the oldest is 20 the youngest is 14, I can ensure you it is a very difficult and exhausting job to be a parent to all four of them. To be responsible for 14? Again I have to say, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?

And I have to wonder, how is it she was a candidate for fertility treatment at all? I know the doctors are not saying she received any and I am assuming that she did. So maybe I am jumping the gun here by asking who was the idiot who ok'd this. But, I feel it must be asked... I understand that have benefited from our fertility programs. Many parents who now hold their child who would have remained childless otherwise and yes there are many cases of multiple births... but there was no need. She obviously had children, she didn't need fertility.. Reading this I sound so judgmental and I know it is wrong. I just worry about the mindset of that young mother and her 14 children.

Good Luck


  1. And it appears this woman did not have financial means to have this procedure done, I've heard stories they can barely afford to feed the children they currently have.

  2. Hello, it must be exhausting to raise 14 children, and you have your reasons not to follow that example. Why should I help this women, if she doesn't ask would be futile....

  3. I closed the factory after the 1st one. Who can even afford a big family these days?

  4. OMG...I didn't know the details. Could it be that she is trying to bring attention and financial gain (her own TV series) off of this?

  5. I have to agree. How in the world did she get the fertility treatments. What doctor in their right mind is going to help a woman have more kids, when she is all ready halfway there to being the real cheaper by the dozen. This is a sad state of the world now let me tell you.

  6. Lord, honey - I've been saying the same thing! We aren't dogs, and we weren't meant to have litters. It is financially and morally irresponsible to have that many children. How on earth can she possibly cater to the needs of so many? (And any reference to you know who + eight is wrong-headed. While they seem like they are doing alright, their finances are entirely supported by the cable network, and they also have two full-time helpers that don't ever appear on camera!)

  7. I totally agree! And I would question not just a) why she got fertility treatments in the first place, but b) why on earth any doctor would implant EIGHT embryos (OK, for the sake of argument, seven, since the 8th baby was evidently a surprise, but still...), knowing there was a possibility that the majority would survive?

    I feel very sorry for the older kids in this family. And I hope that the parents get some financial help, for the sake of all those kids, not just the babies.