Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes it is True, I am Crazy

Life is full of hazardous pit falls, the kids are always in need spending what little money I have, bills to be paid. There is rent and food and clothing aside from all of the other expenditures..

I was all excited when I was using adsense, I was rocking along had made 130.00 then was declared a threat to their advertisers, seriously I am a threat. Anyway I got really depressed and decided that I was not going to even attempt to get the money aspect going. Oh I kept up whatever I had but that was it.

Then today I noticed... wow someone is advertising on my blog. In the post your link here spot.. so I was stoked. Now here comes the crazy part, it is for a dollar. That is right I earned a dollar!! One single dollar, won't even buy me a soda in most places. But WHO CARES.. whoo hooo I earned a dollar!!!

Now maybe it is ego or maybe it is just the fantasy of making money but either way I am doing the happy dance. Anyone else who feels like spending a dollar to make me do the dance feel free...

Have a GREAT day

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