Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Tournament of Roses Parade

Today is New Year's, in my house it always begins with the viewing of the Rose Parade. As child we would watch it all day long, my father had a fascination of it, as a teenager I was fortunate enough to work on a few floats, what fabulous experience.

When I left California and moved to Chicago I brought this tradition with me, of course having grown up with this parade, I do tend to be a parade snob.. I mean this is an awesome parade, the most amazing floats and the best of the best in marching bands.

My children have always enjoyed watching with me and two of my children have continued the family tradition and worked on a float. Cori once and Frankie twice and Remi hopes to venture West next year to participate. So as you can see we take this parade very seriously.....

What drives me nuts, is those that call it the Rose Bowl Parade.. it is not the Rose Bowl parade.. it came first and the folks at the parade were gracious enough to allow the bowl game to be named after the parade and then to allow them to participate... so if one were to be named after the other it should be the Rose Parade Bowl. Do not ask me why this annoys me but it does. I have been known to yell at newscasters, refuse to watch that broadcast ever again.. write letters to Jay Leno.. no one gets away with this mistake.

I know it is nuts, I mean I have a life, with much more important things to worry about but come every year this is what I watch for.. to see who knows the correct name of the parade. Sometimes even I think I may need help...

Sorry, had to get it out

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  1. I've been to the tournament of Roses Parade (1987) and it was one of the funnest things I have ever done. Definitely best New Years!

    Sad to say we didn't even watch today. We weren't home. I'll have to catch highlights online!