Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Made Me Giggle

So my daughter was watching a rerun of 2 1/2 Men it was an episode we have seen a few times but always makes me laugh. Still chuckling as a matter of fact. It was the episode where the ex went to Hawaii on vacation and Jake had to stay with the men. They were required to do all of the things a parent usually does, well ok a mom. Of course hilarity ensued, and poor Jake got forgotten several times. As a single mother this episode just cracks me up, for all sorts of reasons.

First off I would dearly loved to have been able to leave my children with their father for a week having him do all the things I did. So, they would have just missed everything for that week... but I would have so loved it had he even tried.

Then of course the fact that they failed miserably, the poor child was left out in the rain twice, late for school and basically lunchless... All of the things that a parent has nightmares about.. so of course it was funny..

The more I think about it the funnier and sadder it becomes. Mostly because as parents we work so hard to give our children as perfect of a life as possible that often we drag ourselves down. Yet on the other hand I can not imagine doing it any other way. As difficult as their lives have been all four of my kids are well respected and respectful individuals. and if they make it through this latest train wreck without one of us killing each other I will be lucky indeed.

As usual, I started out one way and went another.. oh well hope you enjoyed


  1. Aint it the truth...

    Thanks for stopping by my site..

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. I always say that if I send the kid late to school with no hat, no gloves, no winter coat--the school would call DCFS. If DAD sends them late to school, no hat, no gloves, no winter coat---they would laugh. Why do men get the mulligan?! Nobody would laugh if the mom did all the things the men did in the show--wouldn't be a show at all! sigh.