Friday, January 23, 2009

Amazingly Enough

So I write a nasty blog and then I write to Child Support sending them the link, with the threat that if I don't get my money my next step is going to be to contact my local officials and the press.

You will be amazed and astounded.... the money mysteriously arrived at the CS center on Friday. Yes that is correct 2 checks arrived on just that day. It must have just arrived because we all know that they process the checks the minute
they receive them. It couldn't have anything to do with my blog, phone calls and letters.. No coincidentally they received them on Friday.

Of course, I haven't heard anything about the job yet. I think they should really consider taking me up on my offer because this year I am their worst nightmare. Yep, that is correct every check that is late is going to be the lucky recipient of a blog. Making sure that the entire world knows how very inept they are.

Now, the good news is they received the checks, the bad news is they received them on Friday so even with direct deposit I won't see the money until Monday. Oh well at least I will be able to pay my storage and won't loose my things... For that I had until next Friday. And that was only because the manager of the storage facility works with me for that I am eternally grateful.

One has to feel sorry for the Child Support System, they ticked me off... gave me a purpose... now they are going to have to be accountable for their actions...


  1. They are absolutely pathetic and need a HUGE overhaul. I hate that tax payers actually pay these idiots AND give them health insurance to be so bad at this job that sometimes can mean so much to the kids who need it.

  2. hugsss her tightly well thankfully you got 2 of the checks. hoping the next one is in there by the end of the week. keep up hte pressure unfortunally the squeeky wheel gets the oil

    or is it removed and rolled down the hill on a wild ride