Saturday, January 3, 2009

In Oprah's Defense

I am not what one would call a huge Oprah fan, in all honesty because of some things that happened early in my marriage I made a point of not watching Oprah. Now that is not to say she doesn't have a great show and do an awful lot of good things.

In all honesty because I am not a fan, I think this means a bit more. I guess another author she has chosen for her book club has been discovered as a fraud. Somehow or another she is getting a lot of flack for having the wool pulled over her eyes. I am a bit confused, did she discover this author? take him to an agent or publisher and DEMAND that they print his book? NO!! she went to a book store (ok, probably someone sent her the book but whatever) and going upon the suggestions of a bookseller, publisher, or whatever read it. To me, if a book is published and declared based on fact, then it is the publishers job to ensure that this is so. Not the reading public and in this case that is what Oprah is.

She has done an awful lot to promote reading and so what if some of the books were well frauds.. (frauds I can deal with plagiarism, while still not Oprah's fault is a different story). So blaming her for the actions of others is just ignorant. Well blaming anyone for the actions of others is just plain ignorant and honestly is the story compelling? Does it catch your attention? Then who cares if it is based on real life or fiction? The story is still darned good.

Oh well, just a thought.. keep reading all it is a wondrous way to spend some free time.

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  1. Great post. Just keep on reading. Better yet, do not be choosy with what you read. It would open your eyes to more things. Being selective would make you half educated and half ignorant. Happy New Year!