Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's Nice to Know

Less than a week into the new regime, so much has happened and yet so much remains the same. I am not talking about the policies that still need to be addressed, I am not talking about our waffling economy, our status as a warring nation and our ludicrous health care system. Although those are things that need to be addressed.

No what I am speaking of is the mindset of our elected officials... Lets see, I mentioned above that our economy is waffling, or health care needed overhauling, and wars that need to be addressed.. and what do our amazing wondrous astounding elected officials propose as a bill? Whether or not the BCS should have a playoff for national champion in football.How incredibly insane is that? House Vote

Don't get me wrong I am actually a proponent of the BCS having a playoff series.. I firmly believe USC would have been in that game. BUT for the House to take it upon themselves to bring it to a vote is ridiculous. For a myriad of reasons:

1. They have many more important and essential issues to address. This is just a waste of our valuable time. Of course the representatives from Texas and Utah obviously come from states with no economy, health care or terror issues.. global warming has been solved and all of their constituents are gainfully employed.

2. Of course the fact that these people are so upset about something that they agreed to is also a factor. The rules as they are currently stated say this is how it will be done, they played and benefited by those rules now they must accept that they weren't the best but such is life.

3. Yes President Obama did mention in an interview that he thought there should be a playoff in place but note.. he isn't making that one of his priorities right now... maybe instead of useless posturing they should follow his example.

In the end my opinion doesn't matter and we all know in Texas football is god.. but still I would appreciate them not wasting the time of my elected officials on something that they have nothing to do with.. Of course I am sure they will feel justified in their actions.. so go ahead vote yourself another cost of living raise... I am sure it will be spent wisely on something important.. and be grateful that I am not saying what I feel they would consider important.

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