Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Accountability is a rather irksome thing, as a matter of fact most people are more than ready to make sure others are accountable for their actions but refuse to accept any for their own.

Life is about choices the ones we make and the ones we don't make. As we go through life we make decisions and most of what happens to us is based on those decisions. Oh, you say what if you are hit by a truck while sitting at a bus stop. No it is not your fault but you did decide to go to the bus stop. I know that is silly to think someone is responsible for their own accident and of course they aren't but that was my point on decisions.

But accountability is an entirely different thing, when you make a choice and set the wheels in motion you are accountable for your actions. If only to yourself, you have to decide if it was worth it, if your actions were worth the consequences. Oh there is often the vindication of the self righteous but so often they are just as guilty as the guilty...

In the end you are accountable to your God, your society, your community, to yourself but the only person you are only accountable FOR is yourself. So if you decide to tilt at windmills then are mocked, if you can accept the consequences of your actions go ahead.. tilt away. If you need to take a stand you must understand that you could loose much more than you gain and you have to decide if those consequences are worth it. The one thing you should never do is blame others for the consequences of your actions.

How does that work? Goodness only knows and yes there are those who will take advantage of your willingness to take responsibility they will use it as a means of saying that they were right and you have to accept that too.. People are just that people, they make mistakes and sometimes when they make a choice that others feel is a mistake in the end it is the right choice.

In the end you have to be able to live with yourself. Often we are so indoctrinated into making others like us we forget that simple fact. We have to be able to look ourselves in the mirror day after day after day. Yes it is ever so much easier to point out the flaws of others to mock the choices others make. To point our fingers in sweeping condemnation of those around us than to say hey, maybe I have to look at my choices..

Just a thought


  1. OK so just read all of this years blogs ... whew... firs for the breakusp yup they happen and they hurt not only those that are splitting but like a wave crashing to the shore the effects can and many time ripple to others in life.

    Your friend who is so sick well he to is in my prayers and thought time and patience is what isneeded and if i know you reaching out to his girl will help her burdon a lot.

    Choosing sides is always hard place to be in. follow your heart but know there is not one clear answer and honestly why do you have to be forced to choose. oh i know its going to happen sometimes and there many times are good reasons for it . but it stinks.

    careful who you trust but dont be afraid to trust" wow thats something to think about. they balance each other dont they and yet contradict. its certainally walking a tight roap one im not sure i do well most times.

    Music i cant agree more these programs need to be shored up and cultivated. kids need a well rounded education and music and the arts are truly skills that can make a difference in adult life as well. i suppose it now up to the parents to make sure their children get what they need....... hummm makes one think.

    gonna have to get mama mia and see it.

    as for accountability well wow profound thoughts and something to think about.

    ok laughs covered all of my thoughts see ya in a few weeks giggles softly and skips out leaving a blog within a blog...

    what are you going to do call me a pest. heee heee heeee