Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the Saga Continues

Today, I received a third child support payment, so in theory they are current and up to date. I also received an email in response to the one which I sent them. In short it declared all of the Federal Laws that governed the way it was run.

Federal law defines a business day as a day on which State offices are open for regular business. The Federal Reserve, who processes the electronic disbursement, is not open on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays to process the files. There are timing issues involved in electronic fund transfers/direct deposits. The settlement date is always the next business day. A fairly common misconception is that "electronic" does not necessarily mean "instantaneous" is the world of electronic funds transfers (EFT); whether the funds are going to or from a bank. A further bit of clarification: the Federal law requirement is two day compliance not 48 hours. The Federal Reserve, who processes these electronic files, is not open on Saturdays/Holidays to process files. Once the electronic disbursement file is sent to the State Disbursement Unit's bank and confirmed received, the funds are flowing through the Federal Reserve ACH electronic system and are incapable of being "held" by the SDU. The money is getting to your account as quickly as the banking system allows."

hmmm, interesting, I guess I am too stupid to allow for business days and the concept of what is and isn't considered instant deposits, of course I am a 46 year old woman who has functioned in society on her own for a lifetime. But I need an email to explain what a business day is.. what they of course failed to explain is why it is that AFTER I complained to them they suddenly found my checks.. After I pitched a major fit, the checks mysteriously appeared in my account.. hmm, one has to wonder if maybe they are skirting Federal Law.. I mean if the checks were really and truly lost in the mail, then how is it the all arrived immediately after my rant? The coincidence is astounding..

Oh, I know I will never be able to prove that I am right and God forbid they admit that they screwed up.. but we all know the truth.. oh yeah, and they still haven't responded to my offer to come work for them.. teaching them basic customer service skills.

The thing that bothers me the absolute most is, yes I received my money. Yes, I won that battle but what about those women who don't have my fortitude? My anger? My ability to fight the system? To question what is said and what is true? They are left alone without a voice. They are pushed aside, waiting for the money that is theirs by law and by right. Their voices are not heard.. WRONG!! If they so choose they may consider me their voice in the battle.. I am not going to let this go away. I am tired of wondering week after week after week if this week is going to be the one where my checks are late. I am angry that I had to fight a battle that should never have had to be fought, and I have had to fight it for 12 years.. Oh no, Illinois Child Support System, I will not go quietly into the night.. Oh no, you have created an enemy, a voice for the single mom.. and here in this forum I FINALLY have a voice.

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  1. I agree. Such a coincidence! You go get 'em girl!!