Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Takes a Politician

So tomorroe the impeachment begins.. I have to wonder though why? This may amaze and astound many but I am not a governor
Blagojevich, actually I don't like him at all. I didn't vote for him the first time and I certainly didn't vote for him a second time when I found his actions questionable and his motives dubious. BUT the majority of the people of Illinois did. That has to stand for something..

The Illinois Senate and House have decided that because of charges being leveled against the governor he should be impeached. Now doesn't that stink of guilty until proven innocent? They have allegations against him and are going to use those to get rid of him. They aren't doing it to help the citizens of Illinois, no they are doing it to save their own jobs. The Republicans get to say see we told you so and the Demcrats are running as far away from him as possible so they can say they were lily white.

The problem is, they are acting too soon. The good governor has been charged with corruption but we don't know if it is true. He has been accused of crimes but who is to say that they are valid? Oh sure we think we know but do we? Don't get me wrong I want him out, I wanted him out the minute he walked in the door. I wanted him out when he refused to live in Springfield because his elemetary school daughter didn't want her life to be disrupted (thank goodness Presiden Obama felt differently) so he commuted from Chicago to Springfield on a daily basis.. That was the first time, I have wanted him out many times since.

I just don't want him out to advance another equally corrupt politicians career, I don't want him out at the expense of the Illinois taxpayer and I don't want him out just because I don't like him. I want him out because he has been voted out or convicted...

Call me silly but it is the way I am.

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