Sunday, February 22, 2009

Every Now and Then

I know I have mentioned before I love sports. The concept, the action, the ideal. I love that in theory you play to win but honor the rules that it isn't all about winning but the game. Oh, I know with the onset of big business in our sports world that concept has been lost to some.

But occasionally that spirit shines through. I read this article a couple of days ago and it brought tears to my eyes. It made me proud oh so proud. With all the embarrassing behavior of the state of Illinois' leaders it made me especially proud. Our children have class..

Basically, in a cross state rivalry, there was a team from Wisconsin who had a stellar young athlete who lost his mom the day of the game. He of course wasn't on the roster but decided to show up to support his team. As a way to help stem the grief, the coach let him play. Now the rules say.. if you play someone not on the game's roster then the other team is given two technical free throws..

Here is where it gets interesting, the opposing Coach ARGUED with the officials tried his hardest to REFUSE the shots.. Finally after several minutes he conceded the free throws had to be taken those were the rules. So he looked to his players asked who was going to step up and do the job. In steps one of his seniors, a leader on the team. Proudly, walking to the Free Throw line, showing team spirit and integrity he promptly tanked the shots.. In an obvious show of good sportsmanship the ball barely left his hands. Just enough to appease the rule book. AND THE CROWD went wild!!! (did i mention the game was in Wisconsin).

I am so very proud of all of these players.. both of these teams. For remembering it is not about winning but about how you play the game.

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