Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Book, A Series To Consider

I am an avid reader, I often think I am actually an addictive reader. I must read, cereal boxes, newspapers, history books, laughs ok even science books, everything has interest to me. And once I start a book it is rare indeed that I can not finish it. It doesn't matter if I find the book good or bad, I must finish it.

Fortunately for me, Sherrilyn Kenyon hasn't written a book I don't like. Actually I adore her work. She is one of those amazing writers that has several series running at once but her most prolific and most amazing is her Hunter Series.

It is an amazing battle of good vs. evil, using greek mythology and vampire legends to make an astounding read. Her research is excellent and her stories don't just draw you in they make you want believe. More importantly they make you think. Not just a case of basic romance that can be scoffed at and pushed aside her work is read by all walks of life and both genders. She does have what I can only call a cult like following (I border on this myself) but her work is just that good one almost wants it to be true. Her work is fast paced, witty and compelling. As with all series stories there are of course some that seem tired and not as enthralling but it seems the books I just don't like others are raving about so it is ever a sense of taste.

Her latest in the series is Dream Chaser. The characters are pretty much divided into three groups of hunters, Dark Hunters (oh wow.. fans myself), Were Hunter (compelling and amazingly sexy) and Dream Hunters. Before this book I always considered the Dream Hunter part a bit of fluff, good reads but not relevant to the story arc, boy was I wrong. Ms Kenyon dragged the Dream Hunters right smack dab into the battle.

I decided against a traditional review because as good as this book is, I feel it is good because it carries on the story so well. As an individual read, I feel it may lack something BUT... I would strongly suggest that anyone take the time begin at the beginning and enjoy.

Happy Reading all

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  1. That book looks like it would be really good! Thanks for letting us know about it. I hadn't heard of that author. I'm gonna go get it! :)