Friday, April 3, 2009

Dealing with the Mommy Factor

It seems no matter how old one's children get there are times when they are just that... children.

My girls came home yesterday from a trip to Florida with the band and the entire lot of them have gone nuts. So here we sit in the small room and they are having a beanie baby fight. Why Word Girl decided that she needed to accept a bunch of beanie babies is beyond me. Why she would then want to bring them to this tiny room totally confuses me and yet there you have it.

I have a room full of teenagers, tossing beanie babies around and juggling..and then tossing the babies at the one who is juggling.. and oh yeah smiling and laughing.. darn it i can't even yell at them.. they are having fun and being nice to each other.. now that has got to stop....

I have decided to go on another trip... since I have that totally cool voucher I am going to go to my school anniversary party.. Our school is celebrating it's 50th anniversary (not my 50th reunion) and I think I am gonna scoot on off to the Coast and have some fun.. and the best part is.. I will still have at least 1 trip left...

oh well life sometimes is just good..

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