Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday 13 #4 - 13 things I never knew

So it is Thursday and I decided to join the Thursday 13 crew, for more information on this one go check out this blog and maybe come along for the fun..

Thirteen Things I never knew

1. I never knew that no matter how hard I am pushed I can stand tall in what I believe.

2. I never knew that a child with ADHD qualifies for social security benefits... parents check this out there are requirements but I gave up 8 YEARS of financial assistance not because we didn't qualify or I chose not to but because I DID NOT KNOW.

3. I never knew life was going to be this hard

4. I never knew I would be alone at 46 and prefer it to being miserable in a marriage

5. I never knew I would have such a wonderful outlet in the blogging world

6. I never knew how very precious true friends are.. thank you those most precious

7. I never knew just how much I would sacrifice for my kids..

8. I never knew that no matter how wise I would get there would always be glimpses of the blond in me.

9. I never knew how very much I wanted to travel

10. I never knew how important other people's opinions of me would become..

11. I never knew I would long for the days when I was in school not because it was a fun time but because I just want to keep learning...

12. I never knew how hard it would be to come up with 13 things.. sheesh..

13. I never knew that I would dream of writing and taking pictures for a living..

giggles another 13 down

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  1. Those are good. I like the one about how hard it is to find 13 things--no kidding!