Monday, April 20, 2009

I Can See the Future and It Isn't Pretty

So the ex lost his job in theory it is not the end of the world as the payments will be taken straight out of unemployment and sent to me. Wonderful thing theory.. As you all know I have been battling the child support system for over 12 years. This past year having been one of the worst. Unfortunately it was not the worst. The very worst year I received child support it was handled directly by the state of Illinois.. Now here is the sad part.. my money would be held for up to 8 weeks at a time. I lost not one but two apartments over this and it took years to rebuild my credit.

Why is that pertinent? Well because my checks will no longer go through the state disbursement unit which is bad enough.. oh no now because of the unemployment it will be going through the state once more.. this is the same facility that I struggled with, fought with and finally dealt with the governor's office to get out of. Now I am being told that they get me again.. I would hope since it is coming from one state facility to another it will be all electronically transferred and not too much stress..

What a pipe dream that... while they may transfer from dept to dept I am not sure but I have just discovered they do not do direct deposit. That means I have to wait upon a check. What a crock.. depending on the mail?? and who in this day and age doesn't offer direct deposit? and honestly the State of Illinois does not offer direct deposit? What century are they living in?

So in short, goodness knows when my money will show up. Then when it shows up when will it transferred to my account? Then of course when will they condescend to actually mail it and finally.. when will the mailman deliver it.. Sheesh I am NEVER going to see my money.. Thank Goodness that the state insisted on protecting me from a deadbeat dad.. who by the way has paid every single child support payment on time..

Makes one wonder exactly who the deadbeats are, doesn't it?


  1. I really feel for you, but consider yourself lucky that he has a source of income to tap into. My ex-husband worked maybe 2 months since September and he STILL owes me child support on those earnings because I did not get the agreed order on child support until shortly before he lost the job. Yes, he owes retroactively because he was supposed to produce those pay stubs in court and pay me, but he has yet to produce all the pay stubs, or obviously pay me. He is also supposed to reimburse me for certain expenses for the children and I haven't seen any of that money since August.

    That on top of all the other stuff I have to deal with, with my daughter's and I'm about to lose my mind. Also, my disability insurance from my previous employer, may or may not be in jeopardy. I am on medicaid because I can't afford medical insurance, so I can't see a specialist for my back, because my primary care doctor wouldn't refer me to one, because there really aren't any that accept medicaid anymore. Ok, so, my primary care doctor could fill out the disability forms right? Wrong, my primary care doctor left the practice I saw her at in late March. So I have to rely on some office clerk to fill out the forms and who knows how they will fill out them out? And, I also have to rely on the insurance company actually receiving the faxes that the medical office sends, if they actually send them. (The receipt of faxes is always a problem.) It's a huge catch 22.

    I plan on making calls to the insurance company again and the medical practice again on Wednesday because tomorrow I have to do the "my daughter shouldn't be discharged yet because she's not stable dance" with the hospital she's been at since last Tuesday.

  2. I feel bad for both of you ladies. I have been thru the divorce thing and faithfully paid support for thirteen years.
    I have trouble understanding about men who do not want to make sure there child is being taken care of.
    Now if the state gives you trouble. The best way to go with that is the local TV station.
    Good luck ladies.