Wednesday, April 15, 2009


With all the furor over Michelle Obama we tend to forget another gracious and lovely African-American who served her country. She did it with style and grace.. she was the first such woman in a position of true power and she was in the party that most African-Americans veer away from..

Yet she did her job, she helped pave the way.. she had class and elegance and a belief in what she was doing. In the mockery that was W's administration one did not hear bad things about Condi.. nope.. at most people made jokes on the name not at the woman.

But she also didn't get the accolades she deserved... I saw her the other night on Leno (ok it was a rerun) she was gracious in defeat. Supported the current president and didn't offer unsolicited advice. It made me like her even more.. no flash this just substance pure and simple..

Honestly one of the reasons the O'bamas have it so well is because of people like Condi.. gracious and dignified.. just thought I would state my piece..