Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Old Governor Rod

Well the indictment came through, all 19 of them. All the while Gov. Rod is spouting off his innocence. Oh I know we live in an society that says innocent until proven guilty and we should not leap to conclusions but 19 indictments. Oh I know the press is blathering on about how he tried to sell then Senator Obama's Senatorial seat and yes that was bad but it wasn't the only thing.

This man was a bad governor and an even worse man. He is a criminal who we elected not once but twice. We CHOSE to ignore what we knew and refused to research what we didn't we LET the press decide that his boyish good looks (now considered smarmy) was a good enough reason to elect him. We WANTED to believe that this man was not corrupt that he cared about the people of Illinois. He didn't he was and is slime. He chose from the very beginning to put his needs and the needs of his family before those of his constituents. Don't get me wrong putting your family first is a fabulous thing except when you become an elected official then you become theirs.. Your responsibility is to them no longer your family or yourself.

And that is gov. Rod's true crime.. He was a selfish, egotistical man who wants it all and who got caught. He stepped over the line not because he threatened the press, bankrupted a state no because he dared to defile the current media darling's memory. One has to wonder if we would have been so offended if he had not used President Obama? Would the press have declared him evil or would they have swept it under the rug? I mean he wasn't doing anything everyone else wasn't doing.. I mean God forbid he step up and have morals and ethics.

Somehow we as a society have accepted that it is ok for our elected officials to lack ethics.. instead of demanding that they have MORE... maybe it is time we took a stand. Against the media for telling us what to think, our elected officials for lacking conviction and ourselves for letting it happen

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