Tuesday, April 14, 2009

These Past Few Days Have Been a Bit Off

I just wanted to say I am sorry for the past few blogs.. by nature I am an extremely positive person who really does see the glass half full. Shoot I tend to think of it not only as half full but how easy it would be to fill it up the rest of the way. I honestly am grateful for so many things that happen every day... just the fact that I woke up today is a reason to rejoice.

So to say I have been in a dark place is an understatement. I suppose when one chooses to see the positive sometimes the negative can be overwhelming. I don't know but the past few days have been hard on me. A thoughtless remark made in anger, the phone not ringing, unable to do what I need to do, angry children, I guess it all combined to just draw me in.

Now those may indeed sound like trivial thing I mean we are not talking global warming or world hunger just day to day life but they are my burdens and occasionally they win. I promise I will be back on track with a smile on my face soon enough. I can not help it, it is who I am.

I have actually been mocked because I look at the world through "rose colored glasses" I live in "fantasyland" or "can't face reality" and I am ok with that... I would rather have those accusations heaped at me than continually wallowing in despair. So I promise I will be back soon.. until then please bear with me life just seems to be winning right this moment.

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