Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ok, this was just STUPID

As you all know I have had a hate/hate relationship with the Illinois Child Support System. I have fought many many battles over the years and am usually the innocent party.

Well this time I am beyond stupid.. when they changed to location of where the checks came from since the ex is now unemployed I needed to veryify that they had the correct address.. I needed to fax my new addy over. Now being used to a system that created lollygagging I didn't rush the fax.

You guessed it the check was mailed and now I must wait for it to be redirected to the correct location.. How could I have even remotely been THAT stupid??


  1. You're not stupid, the system is. Since when would they send out a check without getting that confirmation.

    I got one for you. My disability insurer needs my doc to fill out forms. My doc left the practice she was at, but I was told by staff they could complete the forms. So the insurer faxes over the forms. 9 business days pass, I call the insurer, did they get a fax reply? No. So I call the medical office. Left messages 2 days in a row. I am freakin out at this point, because without that paperwork, I get no check. I call the insurer and explain, she grants an extension for me to find a new doc (never said anything about letting me get my check on time, but I did get an extension). Then I get a call back from the medical office, they left a message "we never got a fax from your insurer, are you sure they sent us forms? Did they send them to the doc, because she's not here. Oh and you'll have to make an appointment with a different doc to fill out the forms because they won't sign them unless they see you."

    I thought she said they DIDN'T get the forms?