Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Slight Correction

In my last blog I spoke of the woman who left her children on the side of the road and drove away.. I was not by any means condoning her actions.. I was really more angry than imagined because her children had no sense of team.. I know it sounds silly because as a parent goodness knows I have failed over and over again.. but I truly believe that my children have a strong sense of self and of their siblings. They believe in each other in ways I could only dream of.

Please understand when I said I understood her frustration I meant just that I understood it.. came close to doing something very similar I did not CONDONE it.. our children are our most precious commodity and should be coddled and protected.. loved and nurtured and we as parents should ALWAYS put them before ourselves..

Yes we need to provide structure and discipline, we need to teach them right from wrong and we need to tell them no... but our needs while important are not the most important... we need to be the parents they need not have our children be the children we need.. if that makes any sense at all.

I guess what hurt me so much about my previous post was the fact that this poor little girl was wandering around alone abandoned by her mother and her sister.. I just wanted them to be found together.. ready to take on the world.

Sighs guess we don't always get what we want.. of course I would prefer that their mother has been able to hold it together until she got to the end of their block..making them get out and walk in a familiar environment would not have been a bad thing..

Oh well she made a choice and will now pay for it for the rest of her life..

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  1. That struck me as odd about the story also.

    I have ALWAYS told my children to 'stick together'. A team of 2 is much safer than solo. A stranger is less likely to go after 2 children, than a child alone.