Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Child Support Strikes Again!!!

The one good thing I can say about the child support system is they are consistent. Here I stand once more waiting for checks that are over three weeks late. Of course it isn't their fault, they process them as soon as they come in... no way could the mistake be on their end. The check must have gotten lost in the mail (we discussed the unlikeliness of this in the past), the company is not mailing them (aside from the fact that the law says they have 10 to mail a check and I am wayyyyyy over 10 days late)... nope it can't be their problem.

Now the adventure is going to get better as the ex has been laid off and we have to go through not one but TWO govt bureaucracies... omg I will never see my money again!! I am wondering if I should get my boots back out and do some stomping???

I know that I am not the only one this has been happening to and I was honestly hoping that it was just the folks here in Illinois that are suffering from this but I spoke with a friend this morning and he was telling me about the trials of Michigan Child Support... Oh wow!! it is happening everywhere.. what he was telling me was almost identical to what is happening to me!!

Maybe a letter to the president is in order.. or better yet his wife!! They seem to care about families or they claim to let's see what happens if I do. Of course the last time I wrote a letter to the president, about child support (yes I did) it was Clinton and I didn't even get the common courtesy of a form letter response. I did get one from then Governor Edgar's office as well as some pretty heavy assistance..

Guess I do need to kick some ass.. Not just for me, mothers it seems need an advocate..


  1. I have discovered, here in Michigan, that they not only treat the people that owe money horrible, they also treat the people owed money horrible. The system is a joke! i am actually preparing to do the paperwork to opt out. I cannot wait to be done with them!

  2. I'm ready to opt out as well. My ex is behind 12K. He has been paying consistantly for the last two or three years but will never get caught up on the arrears as long as the state only makes him pay an additional $20 per month for the arrears. It's a mess on both sides. Good luck.

  3. Yes, divorce and child support issues suck! Now an empty-nester, I can tell you the years of suffering and lack of things that "our" kids got to do because of the deadbeat, while he started out with one house, sold and bought another, lived there while building a nice stilt house on a river, sold the house he and his new wife were living in, moved to the river, and now have built yet another house and use the river house to "get away" and have parties. Oh, and I heard that they have or will be building a new house.

    Oh, and visitation...LOL

    Therefore, I pretty much raised the two alone until I remarried after many years and this dear, sweet guy stepped in and started helping. Yes, I did tell him I was $40,000 in credit card debt from raising the kids alone with a very small fraction of child support.

    Thankfully I have the faith of knowing that what goes around comes around, and when its time for the pearly gates....

    At age 19, "our" daughter asked my husband to adopt her. Afterall, he was really the only "father" she had ever known. How sweet it is.

    Oh, to get me started.

    Best wishes...I hope Michelle will be able to help you.