Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday 13 #5 - Sandcastles

So it is Thursday and I decided to join the Thursday 13 crew, for more information on this one go check out this blog and maybe come along for the fun..

13 Sandcastles.. There is just something about what dreams may come.. at least that is what I think of when I think of sandcastles and the following are amazing.. now for some reasons they did not shrink as they should. So until I can get my act together I wanted to make sure you could see the entire pictures so please go on over to this Sandcastles Blog so you can see the whole thing plus lots more.. Below are sneak peaks of my favs...

1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

5. Photobucket

6. Photobucket

7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket

10. Photobucket

11. Photobucket

12. Photobucket

13. Photobucket

The hardest part of course was deciding on just 13.. what an amazing talent..


  1. These are so cool. Amazing talent.
    Thank you for sharing such great art with us.

    Have a very good day!

  2. Absolutely amazing, indeed. I can't even begin to get my brain around how much work and artistry is in those creations.

  3. BOY! Sandcastles have come a looong way from when I was a child with my little pail and shovel! I have seen other unique works at our State Fair and other pictures...these are new! Also I love your new look! The pink is gorgeous...or is it magenta? Either way it's fantastic!