Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Police say mom ordered daughters out, drove off

I was perusing yahoo news and found this article
Yahoo Article it is about a mother who was so frustrated with her two daughters ages 10 and 12 she told them to get out of the car and drove off.

They were about 3 miles from home and it seems it was a highly traumatic experience for the girls.. now while I am not condoning such behavior I do understand it. Once Pita Boy was so bad while in the back seat of the car I pulled over on the Expressway and told him to get out and proceeded to pull up oh about 20 feet.. of course I can not believe I was ever that stressed.. and as soon as it happened I backed up and got him... This was not my shining moment as a mother but it does give me a basis for judgment..

Now when this happened and believe me Pita Boy was being HORRID to his siblings all three of them stood up for him against me. My children stood together and strong. These two girls actually went their separate ways.. the 10 year old found wandering and afraid by the police. While I can understand how a mother could get that frustrated I know with indisputable fact that my children would stick together to survive the emergency and then resume fighting.. and that I think was the greatest tragedy of all.. yes the mother should never have left her children if she needed to catch a break from the fighting she should have pulled over and stepped out of the car.. or shoot it was only about 3 miles from her home she could have just sucked it up.

I know her goal was to teach these girls a lesson but it certainly has backfired, child protective services have gotten involved and she was arrested AND her girls suffered. They suffered the most because they could not put their arguments aside and work together to get out of the mess they were in.

Sorry for this rambling babbling blog but for some reason this article touched several serious sensitive areas with me. Oh and for the record Pita Boy doesn't even remember the incident (I just asked)... so he was not scared for life thank goodness..

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  1. I don't think it is ever okay to traumatize your child for the sake of a lesson.

    There are much better ways to deal with frustrations and stress.