Saturday, April 25, 2009


What you may ask?? Well the fact that I am PLAINLY INSANE

The other day I was reading a blog over at Darnuth Keep and realized how very much I enjoyed them. I envied Kelly the ability to do this. I envied her ability to be responsible and dedicated I envied her, her ability to take the time to write such beautiful words and I envied her, her desire to hone her craft.

Then I woke up and realized that I did not need to envy her, no I could emulate her. From tomorrow on.. well maybe tonight depending on when I accomplish this feat. I am going to post a poem a day.

What I liked most about Kelly was her admission that hey the goal was a poem a day but it didn't always happen. She did not beat herself up over this nope she just kept plugging away. So that is my goal.. to write a poem a day but to realize that some days life will not allow for this.

I also liked the fact that she felt these poems were not always her best work but continued to post them.. why? because while they were not her best work they did help her to hone her craft.. so that is my goal to write a poem a day and to realize that they may not be my best effort but an effort still..

I honestly can not believe I am starting yet another blog but there you have it I am PLAINLY INSANE and IT IS OFFICIAL

so please all feel free to come along for the ride on my brand spanking new blog.. too young to even earn an entrecard..
Shauni's Dreams that Come

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