Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A TIme for Everything

There is a time for everything, including a time to withdraw into yourself and renew the challenge of course comes in finding when the time to stop "renewing" and get your butt in order...

I have spent the last two years recovering for lack of better word.. fearing anything and everything... i have often been afraid to leave my very home because I know that bad things will happen when I am gone... as though I could fix it if I were there..

During this time of internal renewal I have met some awesome people via my blogs and such.. they have become a part of my life with such an intensity it amazes me, scares me... now I am once again facing reality and moving forward.. which as boring as it is, is much easier for me to deal with...

I shut my emotions down.. stopped looking inward and am looking towards a new hope.. I beg that God in His gloriousness allows me to become the light I was meant to be.. and if not then I pray that I have the strength to be what He intends..

I go forth today facing the sunshine.. in the full light of day... be strong


  1. this is beautiful to me...best wishes in your new found journey!

  2. the butterfly emerges from her coccun in a florish of beauty and grace. the renewal of May is ever a special time for it blooms. may this renewal bloom in you heart with a vengence bringing you peace love and happiness. know you are loved by many even those standing by the sidelines cheering you on.