Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Made Crazy

Sometimes I have to look around at the forces that surround me and wonder.. am I just a magnate for insane? or does this happen to everyone? I am going for it's me.

Today I went to vote.. I have voted in every election except one, big or small since I was 18 years old (I only missed one and that was because of freaky reasons). For the past three years I have been going to the same polling place so this should not be a problem. Yeah.. right..

I walked in and handed them my ID... not because they asked but rather because I have an extremely unusual name and I am always trying to make it easier for others to get right. So there I have it, right on my official state document, no problem right? I have a last name for a first name and it is rather long.. but still everyone else in the United States has their first name first on their license.. why ever would I, one single individual be allowed to be different? So a 15 minute conversation ensued on what exactly is my name, then after looking under my first name, my maiden name and my married name they decided it wasn't there so I needed to go have it looked up by someone else, where I sat for another 20 minutes having the exact same conversation.. they were less than 5 feet apart!! Finally I am found but I am not registered to vote at this precinct (doesn't matter that I have voted here for the past few years and my sons were registered here). So off I trudge to the new precinct.. now full of trepidations where fortunately I was right there in the rolls. My name long and proud and only receiving the standard comments.. I voted and was on my way.

Now who was it that said we didn't have to endure trials to vote?

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